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Our Story

Hi! Gretchen here, founder of MuttRuk, with pups Phoenix and Lander. From hiking local trails, to camping and climbing 14ers, I wouldn't be where I am today without them. My hope is to encourage us all to get out and adventure with our pups whether that adventure is big or small. A pack and your own two feet are the start of a great adventure. But to me, one thing is still missing, and that is a dog. With a pack on your back and a dog at your feet, you're ready to #takeamuttruk.

With miles of trails under our paws and feet, we encountered needs that just weren't met by an everyday backpack. So, we set out to create our very own MuttRuk to meet the needs of both human and dog in ONE pack. 

Imagine grabbing just ONE pack with a place for your gear as well as your dogs. Pockets for treats, waste bags, even those stinky little used waste bags, water, sunglasses, keys, phone and more, all accessible without the need to stop and remove your backpack. Yea, we thought that sounded pretty great too.

After years of designing and prototyping right here in Colorado, and trail testing across the US and internationally, it was time to bring this solution to everyone. With the help of our Kickstarter Backers in June of 2019, the Phoenix 14 Backpack and RollOut Travel Bowl were brought to life!

By having what both you and your pup need within one great pack, we hope to inspire confidence on the trail, enable ease and quickness of getting out the door, all while providing durability for a lifetime of fun.

As MuttRuk continues to develop, we aim to be a brand that represents a positive voice for us out adventuring with our dogs, an attitude of adventure as well as respect for our outdoor spaces, an advocate for trail clean up by providing helpful solutions, and advocates for rescue and training to help both owner and dog grow in confidence together.

Stay tuned to our Instagram for updates along the way! And remember to get out and #takeamuttruk!

Happy Trails!