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Is a MuttRuk for a dog or human?

A MuttRuk is a human worn pack designed with the dog in mind! MuttRuk packs are made to meet the essential needs that owners encounter while out and about with their dogs. Feel confident and adventure ready with treats for fuel and training, waste bags to help with clean up (even a designated place for that used waste bag!), water accessibility, and plenty of storage to ensure both you and your dog have what you need within quick and easy access.

How soon will a MuttRuk be available?

Thanks to the amazing support of our 2019 Kickstarter Backers, the Phoenix 14 Backpack is now in stock! Bundle your pack with the pocket-sized RollOut Travel Bowl to be ready for any adventure. We are also excited to be working on the next MuttRuk pack design, the Sidekick Hip Pack. With support from our 2020 Kickstarter Backers, we expect to have the Sidekick Hip Pack and RollTop Duty Bag accessory in stock by October 2020! We will be getting them shipped out to those who have pre-ordered as soon as we receive them!

What's different about a MuttRuk?

The innovative Phoenix 14 backpack incorporates a patent pending shoulder strap design to allow front access to your frequent needs like phone, sunglasses, keys and more. Large waist pockets with removable liners serve the needs of our dogs, taking the place of needing extra pouches for treats or used waste bags.

All MuttRuk packs are designed with both owner and dog in mind, as we all know dogs are our best adventure partners! Because dogs have their own needs when out on the trail such as treats for training and fuel, waste bags for clean up, water for hydration, a place for that used waste bag and more, a MuttRuk pack solves those needs all within a human worn pack that also keeps your gear within extremely accessible reach. An easy to access waste-bag dispenser, washable zip-out liners for treats and/or waste duties and extras like a thoughtfully placed carabiner leash loop help meet the needs of your pup all while ensuring your gear is also within quick access making things easier while handling your pup.