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"Being passionate about something is not always easy, but that's what elevates it from being merely a hobby."

I'm learning a lot this past year. A lot about what it means to make a hard commitment and allowing your passion to drive you and see it through. A lot about what it takes to make dreams come true.

It takes grit, dedication and patience, and then some more grit. But it's worth it. While I'm sure everyone struggles with self-doubt now and again, starting a small business really makes you confront this head on. There is a saying, "You are your own worst critique", and I have experienced this daily as I stew and dream and design this new creation. I mean, I am a designer and if I was my own client...yikes! So many revisions!

What I have also learned is that if you are truly passionate about something, that passion can carry you through the self-doubt, the long hours, the problem-solving, the difficulties. It must. Big dreams are ahead. Just keep taking the next step. Then the next, then the next. You'll learn along the way and progress will be made.

I feel lucky to have tapped into my passion of being outdoors with my dogs by my side. That feeling of fresh air, beauty to be found when you look, and a happy smile at your feet. More of that please!

As I embark on this new creation, I want to inspire people to realize that it doesn't take a big road trip or long hours far away to get that refreshing feeling being outdoors with the dog can bring. I also want to give the ability to quickly grab a pack and have all that you and your pup need for a few hours out on the trail. With the ease of having what you need for these little adventures at your fingertips, I hope to inspire us all to #takeamuttruk. Feel the fresh air, look at your dog smile, and take a peek at the beauty all around you.

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